COVID-19 Update

Life over the last few years has certainly been challenging for everyone, as we learn to navigate the everchanging mandates and protocols of Covid -19.

At the beginning of May 2023 The World Health Organization has declared that Covid-19 no longer qualifies as a global emergency.  Although Covid-19 will remain a challenge for years to come, with vaccinations there are much fewer people getting sick, being hospitalized or dying.  As we all learn to live in a world with Covid-19, present mandates have been lifted in many facilities and businesses from higher recommendations.


At this time we are attempting to return to normal appointment times;  we also are no longer required to have sealed rooms, as well masks for patients and visitors will no longer be required, but will be optional and our office will supply masks for anyone wishing to wear them.  Our clinical team will continue to wear personal protective equipment while working on patients as it was before and our concerns for our patients remain of utmost importance to us.  

At this time we ask anyone who tests positive for Covid-19, has a general cold, cough or flu like symptoms not to enter our office.  If you have any of the above are are generally not feeling well, we ask that you call our office to reschedule if you have an appointment until you are feeling better.  Generally we are asking if you are unwell to have a negative Covid test and be symptom free for 48 hours before returning for an appointment.  Please note if you do arrive for an appointment and are not well, we will ask you to take a Covid-19 test and we will reschedule your appointment.  This will help all of our patients and staff to remain healthy. 

We are very happy to be returning to a world of normalcy and look forward to seeing you all!


Dr. Stuart Robson and Team